Monday, September 10, 2012

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Not About The Weather
The title "Not About The Weather" was inspired by Karin Bauer's book about Ulrike Meinhof and the Red Army Faction, etnitled "Everybody talks about the weather... we don't". Not About The Weather is meaning, it is topics that are considered "fragile", things that are not often discussed, it is ignoring the unnecessary and criticizing the obvious. These points are, however, presented from a very subjective point of view. I assume this consequence.

Nicola Six
Nicola Six is a postmodern sex goddess, a main character in the book "London Fields", written by Martin Amis."She's 34 and not only single, but alone, aloof, emotionally self-sufficient, and she can see the future-in outline, anyway. Her project is to bring about her own destruction. She picks out a killer. And Nicola is magnificently erotic, a force of nature, a goddess."
I have chosen this pseudonym not necessarily to assure my anonymity, but because she is an ambiguous character, who, I think, fits my purposes, because this blog is anything but simple, it is a whole lot of stuff that has nothing to do with one another, stacked upon each other in chaos. I needed a character who can hold this all together, and that character is Nico.
There is, in fact, a very personal and simple side of this project, because I will be submitting designs I make and my animations, as well as designs and animations of others that I somehow consider interesting, beautiful and magnificent. That's it for now

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